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Smart Valor

w: smartvalor.com

t: @smartvalorinc

CEO: Olga Feldmeier

Founders: Olga Feldmeier, Oliver Feldmeier

Founded: 2017

Sectors: Blockchain, cryptotechnology

Total Funding: CHF 1.5M

Latest Funding: $1.5M Seed, November 2017

Lead investor: Stephane Pictet

HQ: Switzerland, Zug Valley

Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley, SMART VALOR is building a disintermediated network of investors, asset issuers/funds and facilitators, such as compliance providers and rating agents. The network is coordinated by a smart-contract-based governance model, which incentivizes each participant to contribute maximum value to the network. Improved access to the network via cryptocurrencies, broad spectrum of tokenized investment assets and consensus-based validation mechanism – these are the key elements of the SMART VALOR network.

SMART VALOR aims to combine privacy and security of a leading offshore banking center with the accessibility and diversity of the blockchain-based open network.