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LI: Zegocover

Founders: Harry Franks (CEO), Sten Saar, Stuart Kelly

Founded: 2016

Keywords: Insurance, Gig Economy, New Economy

Who is it for: individuals, drivers in the gig economy, enterprise

Latest Funding: $42M Series B June 2019

Total Funding: $51.7M

HQ: UK, London

Aiming to be the largest insurance provider for new enterprise.”

As directors at Deliveroo, Sten Saar and Harry Franks struggled to onboard new delivery riders, who had to provide proof of an expensive annual insurance policy before their first interview. Their solution was pay-as-you-go cover with low upfront fees. 

On this year’s 50, having made last year’s Hot Ten, Zego now provides simple, flexible insurance policies via app, web and phone, covering all kinds of enterprise at any size. 

In addition to the UK, markets include Spain and Ireland.