yoyo wallet



CEO: Alain Falys

Founder(s): Michael Rolph, Dave Nicolson

Founded: 2013

Sectors: Mobile Payments, Loyalty Programs

HQ: London, UK

Yoyo lets users automatically collect points and stamps without the hassle of having to think about it. Users instantly receive vouchers for rewards and in-app purchases, and get digital receipts sent straight to their phones. For the retailer, Yoyo provides insight and the integrated marketing tools they need to reach targeted customer segments, drive sales, increase revenue, and offer an elevated customer experience. Yoyo Wallet is the fastest growing and largest multi-retailer mobile wallet in the UK and recently won Retail Systems’ 2015 Mobile Technology System of the Year. In July 2014, Yoyo was named as one of the Top 10 hottest startups in London by WIRED UK magazine.