CEO: Gene Vayngrib

Founder(s): Ellen Katsnelson, Mark Vayngrib

Founded: 2014

Sectors: Blockchain

HQ: London, UK

Tradle puts the user in control of their KYC process and data using the blockchain. An alumnus of StartupBootCamp’s FinTech Accelerator, Tradle launched its first app, Trust in Motion (TiM), to allow users to start a secure line of communications and go on-therecord to exchange documents, verifications, attributions and agreements. Resulting records are stored securely and irrevocably with global permission-less access and high resilience to hackers, spying and take down demands. Tradle claims to be the first solution to put the user in control of their KYC process and data, and allow banks to make that process and data easily auditable to regulators.