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t: Tractable_ai

Li: Tractable

Founders: Adrien Cohen, Alexandre Dalyac, Razvan Ranca

Founded: 2014

Keywords: Insurtech, AI, Machine Learning

Who is it for: Insurers worldwide

Total funding: $43.65M

Latest funding: $25M - Series B, July 2018 - Insight Partners

HQ: UK, London

“Using AI to predict repair costs and settle insurance claims faster.”

Annual damage to assets (cars, homes), crops and lives is estimated at around $1Tn. Tractable believes that when disasters hit, the response could be ten times faster. 

The InsurTech develops artificial intelligence for accident and disaster recovery, building deep learning tools for visual inspection that can perform more accurately than humans and in a fraction of the time.  This slashes costs for its insurer clients, in turn minimising disruption and boosting customer satisfaction.