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FinTech50: The 10 Hottest FinTech Companies in 2019

Recently, Financial Technology (FinTech) has transformed how financial transactions are carried out. This industry disruption has caused uncontrollable disarray among many traditional financial institutions. Now there is a hot ten 2019 among the lot. FinTech seems to be taking over the finance world from lending institutions to open banking companies to crypto-backed establishments.

It has become so good that banking customers adopt these FinTech solutions and never look back. So, what do these FinTech operators do that has helped them achieve this level of growth? Who are these FinTech companies worth millions to billions of dollars? Selected from over 1000 companies, these are the ten hottest FinTech companies in 2019. Read this FinTech50 hot ten 2019 to learn more.

Yes, the future is decentralised. Moreover, it is no surprise that most of these FinTech organisations integrate crypto to drive seamless payments and financial inclusion. According to Forbes , these are the top ten super-duper FinTech companies bringing us closer to the future.

Company Origin FinTech Solution Valuation
Acorns California, United States Personal Finance $1.9 billion
Bitfury Amsterdam, Netherlands Cryptocurrency and Blockchain $1 billion
Bolt California, United States Payments $11 billion
Chime California, United States Personal Finance $25 billion
Coinbase California, United States Cryptocurrency and Blockchain $85.7 billion
Enigma New York, United States Wall Street $750 million
Gemini New York, United States Cryptocurrency and Blockchain $7.1 billion
Nova Credit California, United States Lending $ 500 million
Stripe California, United States Payments $95 billion
TransferWise London, United Kingdom Payments $5 billion

With incredible records broken by these FinTech companies, there is a high chance more will emerge. We at FinTech 50 do not know if these companies will be here for long, but the solutions they provide are mind-blowing. You can read more about them or visit their websites.

The TOP TEN 2019

Each year we invite our international panel to select The Fintech50 by secret ballot. These ten companies, presented here in order of ranking. secured the most votes in 2019. Congratulations to Onfido - this year’s top-ranked Fintech.