The best thing about The FinTech50, aside from all the great innovators it showcases each year, is our community of innovators, advisers, founders, leaders, investors and all-round gurus. In these interesting times, we wanted to know what they were thinking about the issues shaping the sector.

This is the first in a series we will release in 2019. It features insights from the founders/CEOs of Onfido, Tink, Blockchain, Governance, PensionBee, CUBE, Bud, PayU, ComplyAdvantage and DreamQuark, as well as leaders from AXA NEXT, ABN AMRO, Accel, Microsoft, The LHofT, Linklaters and Kingston Smith.

The report features their views on Funding, Failure, Collaboration and Trust, and we gave them all one wish for 2019, with an invitation to ‘go wild!’. The Tipping Point? That comes from a comment by Accel’s Andrei Brasoveanu. See p5. To get involved in future reports, get in touch.