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The FinTech50 2019 -   View this year’s 50

The FinTech50 2019 - View this year’s 50

Apply to be listed on any (all!) of our three FinTech 50s.

The three are connected. The FinTech50 looks at innovation in Europe delivering value to consumers, business and financial services (The economy). The ACCESS FinTech50 highlights global innovation for those with no or limited access to financial services (The underserved). And the IMPACT FinTech50 highlights innovators worldwide who are actively championing sustainable development (The environment).

We don’t rely on “entries’ or Twitter polls to select the 50s. We invite a panel of international experts to suggest and select their top 50 and simply being on our long list is an opportunity to get onto their radar.

There is no cost to take part (at any stage).

For those who want to be proactive and put their business forward, we also make a short form available. Each of the images below will take you to the application form for that 50. It’s entirely optional but a great opportunity to tell your Fintech story in your own words.

Or send us an email if you prefer and we will include you on our long list.

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