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The Fintech 50 Selection Panel

Each year, we collectively comb through thousands of global Fintech companies to create a world-renowned list of the global champions of the Fintech sector. But how do we do it?

We rely on a dynamic team of people from across the global financial sector who work together flawlessly to analyze thousands of individual Fintech companies based on their merits, achievements, and promising future.

The Fintech industry isn’t confined by borders, and neither is our selection panel. Our team is made up of passionate, experienced, and highly qualified analysts from Europe, Africa, the Americas, and beyond.

Our international panel is selected from a broad range of sectors within the global finance industry. From HSBC and Zero to Mastercard Labs and JP Morgan, our team’s prior experience and qualifications make them ideally suited to the task of creating an unrivaled list of the top 50 Fintechs each and every year.

To explore each of our team members in depth, gain an insight into their specific roles, and examine their backgrounds, you can see our team portfolio below.

All FinTech50s are selected each year by an international panel.

They are investors in and buyers of Fintech services, global techs, innovation leaders and global champions of the sector. Between them they select The FinTech50 (Europe); ACCESS FinTech50 and IMPACT FinTech50.