The FinTech50 Hall of Fame

Since 2016, many startups have been inducted into the Fintech50 hall of fame. These startups are led by brilliant founders who have ensured that they impact as many people as possible.

Leading this list are companies whose founders mostly have a crypto background. In the same vein, these founders have also built their startup around solving payments via digital wallets and blockchain technology. These are the Fintech50 hall of fame members based on Forbes' list. These individuals have been recognised for their tremendous work towards creating a better future for people worldwide.

Charles Cascarilla

The 44-year old early Bitcoin investor has been at the forefront of providing financial infrastructure to bridge the gap between physical and digital assets. Charles founded his company, Paxos, in 2012. Not many people might know this, but Paxos is the blockchain infrastructure that serves the crypto parts of PayPal and Venmo. Paxos is valued at $2.4 billion with a stable coin and cryptocurrency exchange.

Edrizio De La Cruz

Edrizio is the CEO and Co-Founder at Arcus. Nothing is surprising about having his name on this list. The serial entrepreneur who started his career as an airplane mechanic is now helping global organisations solve their online payments issues. Arcus helps to provide digital wallets for these companies. The company launched in 2013 through Y-Combinator and currently serves over 85 companies in different countries.

Joshua Motta

If you have heard of Coalition, Joshua Motta's name should ring a bell. Joshua was initially building at CloudFare before founding Coalition in 2017. Coalition provides a super-effective system to block fraudulent attacks and data breaches. With over 40,000 customers and counting, Coalition is now valued at almost $2 billion.

Stephany Kirkpatrick

The sensational Stephany Kirkpatrick is worth every penny of being listed with her influence on FinTech growth. A financial expert herself, Stephany created Orum in 2019. In less than two years, the company grew beyond unimaginable levels. Orum focuses on one rare solution. The company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help banks and other FinTech assess risks of fund transfers. In addition to this, the company provides the required infrastructure for funds processing within one day.

Wole C. Coaxum

Wole left his Senior VP role at JP Morgan Chase to build MoCaFi. If you have ever wondered how rural communities have access to ATMs, and other financial infrastructure on the cloud, then it's most likely because MoCaFi intervened. With the backing of Mastercard and CitiBank, Wole and the MoCaFi team have created something that would be beneficial to millions of people.

These innovators have featured on The FinTech50 since we published our first curated list in 2013. Some have featured more than three times. We felt they deserved their own special recognition - in The FinTech50 Hall of Fame.


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