The FinTech50 2018 - Apply

The FinTech50 is a list selected each year of 50 FinTechs across Europe who, in our panel's view, have the potential to become a game-changer or the competitive staying power to continue being one. 

If you're a FinTech in Europe, it's likely you are already on our radar. The FinTech50 is not a competition, so we don't rely on 'entries'. We undertake our own independent research throughout the year and we our community tell us who they would like to see on the list.

We do, though, want to make sure that everyone has the chance to tell their story, so we created a short form (see below). It's entirely optional - just an opportunity to get on the radar of some of the most influential people in FinTech.

There are no outright winners, no restrictions on size or turnover and it is absolutely free to take part. If you have any questions, or cannot submit the form for any technical reason, feel free to contact us.  Meet our international selection panel

Deadline: 31/12/2017