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The Fintech 50 2016

Financially, 2016 was a rocky year for global finance. The markets were rocked by everything from Brexit to oil, all of which contributed to a tumultuous year overall. Fintech was not untouched by the events of the year.

While interest in Fintech remains as strong and steady as ever, investors were more cautious in the wake of recent global financial developments. Global investment in the Fintech industry dropped considerably from $46.7 billion in 2015 to $24.7 billion this year.

Despite this, the future of Fintech is still looking very bright indeed and thousands of businesses in the sector are weathering the storm with ease. So much so, that it was an extensive task to compile this year’s Fintech 50 out of thousands of European businesses.

This was due to Europe seeing some of the biggest growth in the Fintech industry compared to other regions, like the Americas, where investment dropped. Europe expanded its fintech venture investment growth to 242 this year, compared to 230 the previous year.

So read on for our expert-compiled list of this year's top 50 Fintech companies to keep an eye on!