The FinTech 50 2017

FinTech 50 2017 companies can feel very very pleased with themselves. They were selected from over 1500 FinTechs across Europe by some of the biggest names in the sector, our international panel.

Wondering why some names aren't on the list? See also,

Finally, the results are in! Our panel of reputable financial experts gathered to discuss what brands stood out the most in 2017. After careful consideration, they were able to arrive at the top 50 names they believe deserve to be in the spotlight right now.

Over 1,500 companies from all over Europe were eligible to make it to our list this year. The expert panel behind FinTech 50 had the difficult task of sorting and ranking them. It was an arduous process, but eventually, they managed to short-list the 50 names that innovated and revolutionised finance the most in 2017.

Are you curious to see if the fintech company you had your eye on is on it? Here is every single brand that made it to the FinTech 50 in 2017.

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