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Securing the human layer when the environment is ripe for email fraud

Tessian protects leading enterprises across the financial, legal and technology sectors from being compromised by spear phishing, misdirected emails, unauthorised emails and other threats caused by human error on email.

The cyber security specialist has built the world’s first Human Layer Security platform in order to protect every business’s mission, empowering people to do their best work, without security getting in their way.

Tessian has 150+ employees and offices in London (HQ) and San Francisco.

Tessian on the Pandemic's Security Impact

The pandemic has created the perfect storm for bad actors to take advantage of the uncertainty and chaos caused by unprecedented national events. Hackers capitalized on people’s fears and their need for information by posing as trusted healthcare organisations, government agencies and software providers in phishing scams to trick their targets. The shift to remote working increased the risk too; people were reliant on video conferencing platforms so weren’t suspicious from emails supposedly from the provider, nor could they quickly verify requests for payments, for example, with their colleagues in person.  

Tessian says businesses need to be aware of advanced impersonation scams on email, like BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks, whereby hackers pose as trusted individuals to manipulate their targets into complying with their requests.

“While some of the less sophisticated phishing attacks are becoming easier to spot, hackers’ techniques are evolving and becoming more sophisticated. This makes it easier to evade security defences and more difficult for people to detect the scams, ,” Tessian warns.