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The open-banking consumer champion

Snoop uses secure open-banking technology and a combination of human and artificial intelligence to deliver data-driven, hyper-personalised insights to help consumers avoid rip-offs and make the most of their money.

Founded by former Virgin Money CEO, Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, together with colleagues from Virgin Money, in 2019, Snoop has already raised $9M. A planned launch was brought forward to April 2020 (from June 2020) in light of the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Snoop believes that consumers shouldn't have to be constantly on guard to avoid bad value deals, products and stealth price rises. They want to help consumers take back a big part of the £12 billion cost of loyalty and put it back in their pocket.

Hyper-personalisation is what makes Snoop different to other apps in this space. The team’s ultimate ambition is to make everyone better off by giving consumers control of their data and helping them use it to their advantage - the average household could save around £1,500 per year.

Consumers can also switch Energy, Broadband, TV Packages, Mobile and Broadband from within the app.

Snoop has also combined its machine learning model with Anorak’s life insurance platform to provide customers fast and easy access to personalised, impartial, and regulated advice. Mortgages and other areas of consumer finance are planned to follow.

Customers can securely connect bank accounts and credit cards from multiple banks and see all their banking info in one place. The Snoop AI then scans transaction data to spot savings opportunities (‘Snoops’), sourced from digital and human inputs, including submissions from other user

In less than 6 months, Snoop has grown to 100,000+ users.