Justin Lyon, CEO


w: Simudyne.com

t: Simudyne

Li: Simudyne

Founders: Justin Lyon

Founded: 2017

Keywords: Enterprise simulation, AI, agent-based modeling

Who is it for: Financial Institutions

Total funding: $10.1M

Latest funding: $6M, Series A April 2019 - Barclays Ventures

HQ: UK, London

“Simulating future scenarios to help financial institutions understand their world.”

Simulation technology specialist Simudyne offers organisations a new way to harness the power of agent-based modelling, AI and machine learning to test drive their decisions and drive growth. 

Simudyne’s enterprise ready software is currently used by large financial institutions to simulate an unlimited number of future scenarios and measure their impact in a safe, virtual environment. A member of Barclays Accelerator (2018) Simudyne’s revenue is now growing 600% year on year. 

Clients say: “Simudyne’s platform will ultimately help cultivate a stronger, more efficient tech-enabled financial services sector.”