t: @salaryfin

CEO :  Asesh Sarkar

Founders: Asesh Sarkar, Dan Cobley, Daniel Shakhani

Founded: 2015

Sectors: Employee benefits

Latest Funding: $40M October 2017

Total Funding: $59M

HQ: UK, London

SalaryFinance is a new employee benefit whose mission is to save UK workers £4bn per annum through lower interest repayments.

Research shows that 1 in 3 UK workers cite money worries as having a negative impact on their productivity at work. To address this, SalaryFinance works with progressive employers to help their staff reduce their personal finance interest costs. The platform allows employees to take out loans when they need it, with repayments collected from salary deductions. This repayment method substantially lowers risk/cost, the savings from which we pass on to employees. The focus on reducing the cost of existing borrowing, rather than encouraging more.