Rohan Angrish - Head of Innovation

ICICI Bank, Mumbai                                        

Rohan Angrish.jpeg

Rohan currently heads innovation at ICICI, making fintech organic to banking.

Before joining ICICI, Rohan was the CTO at Capital Float, the largest digital lending platform in India. Capital Float, which was recently named India’s Fintech Startup of the Year, is well on its way to disrupting the traditional credit ecosystem by moving to paperless, cashless and mobile. Building on the India Stack, Capital Float’s small merchant loan app can disburse a loan into a borrowers bank account within minutes of first encountering the borrower. It’s agility arises from its ability to look at all the data that it can reliably get within an ecosystem, and then derive loan products catering to that eco system. Before Capital Float, Rohan was the founding Chief Architect of Chalo Inc, a mobile payment solution that was sold to Opentable, following which Rohan was Chief Architect of Payments at Opentable. Before Opentable, Rohan worked at Oracle USA in their Server Technologies team in various areas like XML, Text, Search and SQL. He has a number of patents and research papers to his name in fields varying from Payments to Formal Verification of Systems. Rohan got his MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, before which he got his BTech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay.