w: riskmethods.net

t: @riskmethods1

CEO :  Heiko Schwarz

Founders: Heiko Schwarz, Rolf Zimmer

Founded: 2013

Sectors: Risk in Supply Chain

Latest Funding: $13.8M Series B, April 2017

Total Funding: $23.9M

Lead Investor: Digital+ Partners

HQ: Germany, Munich

riskmethods empowers leading enterprises with an award-winning Supply Chain Risk Management solution that supports the complete process of identifying risk, assessing impact and mitigating risk. The approach combines innovative Big Data and Artificial intelligence capabilities with insightful risk intelligence to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time. Armed with a digitized representation of their supply network’s risk profile, customers are able to make better decisions and achieve first-mover advantage in the face of threats.  

riskmethods has seen considerable traction in recent years and secured $13.8M funding from Digital+ Partners in April 2017 to support its international expansion. In addition to offices in Munich/Germany, riskmethods has offices in the US (Boston) and in Wrocław, Poland.