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CEO:  Tamaz Georgadze

Founders:   Tamaz Georgadze, Frank Freund, Michael Stephan

 Founded: 2013

Sectors:   Savings

Recent Funding: $32.17M Series C January 2017

Lead Investor: Thrive Capital

HQ: Berlin, Germany

Berlin-based Raisin’s vision is to offer the most attractive deposit products from across Europe, delivered through a single platform. Since launch in 2013 geographical expansion, together with growth in customer and partner bank numbers, has enabled it to channel a total of over €3 billion in savings to its partner banks. In the last 1.5 years, the number of customers has tripled to over 75,000 (April 2017). By investing in Raisin deposits, customers earned around €25 million in interest they would have not earned in term deposits under local market conditions.