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Agent of Change

w: PayKey.com

t: @PayKey

CEO:   Daniel Pelled

Founde):     Daniel Pelled, Offer Markovich            

Founded:    2014

Sectors:   Risk Management / Analytics

Latest Funding: $10M Series B 2017

Total Funding: $16.4M

Lead Investor: Magma Ventures

HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel

PayKey’s first of its kind secured payment keyboard makes everyday banking easier and more efficient. PayKey enables bank customers to send and receive money on any social network, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and any place you have a keyboard. PayKey’s technology puts banks where their customers are - on social networks. Leveraging existing networks creates simplicity and an intuitive payment experience. Users enjoy instantaneous money transfer capabilities while chatting with their friends and family members. PayKey benefit banks in 3 ways: (1) Position the bank as innovation leader in the market (2) Constitute the strategic driver for market growth and retention of millennials (3) Increase revenue and EBIT. PayKey technology’s main differentiators are: (1) Social network agnostic (2) White label ‐ branded for the bank (3) API level integration ‐ very low risk (4) Using the bank payment system (no changes to the current security practices) (5) USPTO patent has been filed for the technology.