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w: Oaknorth

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CEO :  Rishi Khosla

Founders: Joel Perlman, Rishi Khosla

Founded: 2015

Sectors: Lending / Debt Finance for fast-growth businesses

Total Funding: $1Bn

Latest Funding: £440M, Venture Round, February 2019

Lead Investors: SoftBank, Clermont Group

HQ: UK, London

OakNorth is the next-generation credit platform that’s redefining lending to small and medium-sized businesses globally.

The platform is available to financial institutions to implement alongside their own proprietary systems and is being used by nine banks globally, including OakNorth Bank in the UK and NIBC Bank in the Netherlands.Since its inception, OakNorth has secured over $1billion from several investors, including: Clermont Group, Coltrane, EDBI of Singapore, GIC, Indiabulls, NIBC, Toscafund, and SoftBank’s Vision Fund. The business is valued at $2.8bn and is one of the only fintechs to have maintained a sustained profit.

The group was founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, themselves entrepreneurs who were inspired to launch the business following the challenges they faced in securing debt finance from high street banks for their previous business, Copal Amba (which scaled to c.3,000 employees and was acquired by Moody’s Corporation in 2014).