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Mosaic Smart Data

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CEO :   Matthew Hodgson

Founders: Matthew Hodgson

Founded: 2014

Sectors: Data Analytics

Latest Funding: $9M Series B - April 2019: CommerzVentures, Octopus Ventures, JP Morgan Chase

Investment by JP Morgan (undisclosed) March 2018

Keywords: real-time data, fixed income, currencies & commodities

Who is it for: Financial Institutions

HQ: UK, London

“Allowing financial institutions to unite all of their FICC trading data into one real time viewpoint.”

Trading activity in the capital markets generates vast quantities of raw transaction and pricing data. Institutions are increasingly looking to extract the value from this, largely untapped, data asset. Being able to refine this raw data and distil it into meaningful ‘Smart Data’, where value can be extracted in the form of actionable insights, is a significant challenge that all market participants face, but success offers a proven and compelling competitive advantage for both buy-side and sell-side.

Mosaic Smart Data’s solution (MSX®) cleanses, normalises and enriches an institution’s raw transaction data and provides a consolidated real-time view and analysis across all channels of market activity, including voice and electronic transaction flow. Mosaic’s advanced suite of machine learning models identify and alert the user to opportunities and threats, generating actionable insights specific to user job functions from sales and trading to management and compliance MSX® allows users to access the power of ‘Smart Data’ to maximise profitable client relationships, diagnose areas for immediate and value adding improvement and provide unique insights on the market to clients. By delivering the timely and relevant insights through intuitive and human-centred design, the user is guided in the prioritisation of their time; equipped to have impactful data-driven conversation with their trading counterparts and colleagues; and supported in their decision-making. This enables a collaborative process between the machine and human ingenuity to deliver extraordinary performance directed at the best outcomes.

MSX® provides a quant on every desktop, giving everyone in the organisation the experience of having the firm’s best quantitative analyst working with them, always monitoring market activity and instantly responding to questions with targeted and digestible analysis. MSX®’s open platform means that all insights and analysis are available via an API to integrate with the rest of the organization, driving automation and making the power of machine learning available to all. The firm provides analytics technology suitable for investment banks, buy-side firms, custodians, ECN’s, exchanges and regulators.


J.P. Morgan joins CommerzVentures and Octopus Ventures in USD 9 million fundraising round for the real-time capital markets data analytics firm.