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70% of incoming funds are salary payments.

Monese was originally founded to help those with no UK credit history to open a bank account in the UK.

The digital bank has now expanded to 31 countries and translated its app into 12 different languages.

Monese has significant milestones to report, reaching 2M ‘sign ups’ (up 1M from the previous year). In April 2020, it became one of the first digital banking providers to launch a desktop platfom - Monese for Web - which allows all of its customers (business and personal) to view their balance, browse transactions and download statements.

In July, Monese partnered with specialised payments platform Paysafe to provide customers who rely on cash ‘more freedom of choice’. Monese already has over 40,000 cash top up locations in the UK - through a partnership with the Post Office - and the new partnership boosts the total number to more than 110,000 across Europe. The international roll-out began in France, followed by the Netherlands at the end of August, with plans to extend the service into 11 additional countries across Europe.