Mike Harris, Co-founder and Chairman - Monument Partners, London                             

Mike Harris

Mike was the creator of Firstdirect, the world's first 24/7 telephone bank, which launched in 1989. Firstdirect is famous for delivering consistently outstanding customer service, regularly ranking number 1 in surveys covering all industries. 

In 1998 Mike launched Egg, one of the world’s first internet banks and for many years the largest, which he took from concept to a £1bn public company within 3 years. 

In between Firstdirect and Egg he was Chief Executive of Mercury Communications (which was responsible for ending BT’s monopoly in the highly-regulated telecoms sector) and was Chairman of mobile phone company One to One (during its launch of the worlds first digital GSM network). 

Mike was a regular speaker on strategy, leadership and innovation at the mid-career MBA course at MIT from 1996 to 2008 and was Chairman of the Innovation Board at Royal Bank of Scotland from 2005 until March 2009, where he supervised the establishment of a group wide innovation programme. During this time, he was also a founding investor and Chairman of digital identity company Garlik until its sale to Experian in late 2011.

From 2012 to 2016 Mike offered workshops and mentoring programmes under the IconicShift brand: businesses who have been on the IconicShift programme include companies involved in FinTech, pharmaceuticals, veterinary health, consumer health care, food, fashion, micro-finance, law, business training, secondary education, publishing, investment advice & management and architecture & design.

The IconicShift architecture is a proprietary way of thinking about investment, strategy, planning, leadership, business models, innovation, branding, culture and communication. The core principles are simplicity, ease of use and the creation of businesses that are capable of achieving serious scale, and which leadership teams and employees are proud of and which customers love.

Mike is now Co-founder and Chairman of Monument Partners, currently raising a venture fund based in London which will invest in and develop FinTech companies and help them expand into the fastest growing markets globally.