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w: kreditech

t: @kreditech

CEO: David Chan

Founders: Sebastian Diemer, Alexander Müller

Founded: 2012

Sectors: Lending

Total Funding: $497.3M (Equity / Debt)

Latest Funding: $127M May 2017

Lead investor: PayU

HQ: Germany, Hamburg

The biggest AI Start-up in Germany

Founded in 2012, German startup Kreditech has raised $497.3 million from investors including Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund to develop a machine learning algorithm that uses clients’ social media and browsing data to determine creditworthiness. Kreditech can provide access to credit for people with little or no credit history and its proprietary algorithm checks up to 20,000 data points per application and provides a customer credit score within a minute. The service is currently available in Mexico, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, and India providing various consumer-facing credit products.