t: @kreditech

CEO:    Sebastian Diemer

Founder(s):    Sebastian Diemer, Alexander Graubner-Müller

Founded: 2012

Sectors:    Big Data, Information, Banking, Analytics

HQ: Hamburg, Germany

Kreditech is a Big Data finance company based on automated Big Data and machine learning credit scoring. The company extends loans to individuals in real-time, using a fully automated credit scoring system and banking backend infrastructure. It operates independently from credit bureaus and traditional banking infrastructure. In just 20 months, Kreditech has scored more than 1.5 million individual loans.  The company is at the forefront of the rapidly changing consumer finance market. Using 15,000 dynamic data points, its technology is capable of scoring everyone worldwide, including the 4 bn individuals without a credit score.  Funds can be paid out within seconds to a credit card, bank account or NFC wallet, 24/7.