t: @iwoca

CEO:  Christoph Rieche

Co-Founder:  James Dear 

Founded: 2011

Sectors:  Lending

Latest Funding: $27.1M Series C October 2016

Lead investor:  Prime Ventures

HQ: London, UK

iwoca is one of Europe’s fastest growing credit providers, offering short-term credit facilities of up to £100,000. Businesses sign up online, passing their trading data through integrations with high-street banks, ecommerce platforms, and more. Iwoca’s proprietary risk model allows us to make fair, fast and flexible decisions, cutting underwriting costs by 90% whilst increasing approval rates and offering a simpler customer experience. To date Iwoca has issued over £70M to businesses across the UK, Germany, Spain and Poland and is opening our “credit-as-a-service” platform to strategic partners such as Alibaba, allowing them to finance their customers directly