t: @IDnowGmbH

Founders: Armin Bauer, Dennis von Ferenczy, Felix Haas, Sebastian Baerhold

CEO: Andreas Bodczek

Founded: 2014

Keywords: Identity Management, Identity as a service, onboarding

Who is it for: Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Telecommunications, Digital contract management, e-Commerce

Latest Funding: Series B, May 2018

HQ: Munich, Germany

“Instant verification of the id documents used by 7bn people in real time.”

IDnow’s identity as a Service now has more than 250 customers, including N26, Commerzbank and UBS.

The Munich-based claims that it can verify in real time the identities of more than 7 billion people from 193 different countries in real time.

In August 2019, IDnow launched AutoIdent, which recognizes passports and other id documents. The program captures both the machine-readable parts of the document, as well as non-machine-readable areas, and includes a biometric video examination and ‘liveness detection’. IDnow has a false acceptance rate of 0.05% - far more accurate than the 0.1% required by law.