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The FinTech50 was the first FinTech list in the world to recognise FinTechs for innovation. When we founded our annual list of 50 European FinTechs "to watch" in 2012, it was a guide to an emerging sector. Six years on, it is selected by an international panel of FinTech experts and is seen as a guide to quality within a super crowded one. We've also created two further 50s: The FinTech50 Asia and, new for 2018, The Global Access to Finance 50

The FinTech50 2018, selected from over 1800 companies across Europe, is now live, along with this year's Hot Ten and Hall of Fame. Together, they have received the biggest response in our six year history. View them here

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FinTech50 events are free to attend but invitation-only for FinTechs, banks, VC investors and global techs. We also partner with the leading FinTech events around the world to offer discounts to our community. View the full programme of FinTech events 2018 and 2019


The Power of Collaboration

We're the team behind  The FinTech50 - 3 x lists of the 50 hottest FinTechs in Europe, Asia and Financial Inclusion. Our global community brings together leaders in FinTech, Financial Services, VC Investors and Global Tech cos. We are about to begin our search for The FinTech50 2018. Discover how to get involved.

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The FinTech50 is the power of collaboration at work. Meet all of our partners, including our country partners, here

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FinTech50 2018 launches at Silicon Valley Bank

June 2018: Selected from over 1800 FinTechs across Europe, this year's 50 FinTechs to watch were announced at Silicon Valley Bank's London HQ on 20 June. 

14 FinTechs promoted to the FT50 Hall of Fame

June 2018: The FinTech50 list featured 14 FinTechs 'promoted' to the FinTech50 Hall of Fame. These included two FinTechs who have each featured on the list five times.

FinTech50 2018 raise $231.5M since launch

Sep 2018: European FinTechs listed on The FinTech50 in 2018 raised a total of $231.5M since June. And the total for the 2017 list reached a grand total of $1.965bn

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