Julie Lake The FInTech50

Julie Lake - Founding Director The FinTech50 / FinTechCity

Julie is Founding Director of The FinTech50, launched in 2013 to recognize the European game-changers transforming financial services. Published annually, the list is now helping FinTech companies to raise profile globally, connect with influencers, investors and funders and generate business. Julie is also founding director of FinTechCity, the platform which brings together the European FinTech Community, and The FinTech50 Asia. Current features include:  New Statesman Investment Guide, The Great FinTech Disconnect

Fearghus Barkley - The FInTech50
Selena Cass

Nicky Cotter - Co-Founder The FinTech50 / ICON Corporate Finance

A co-founder of The FinTech50, Nicky is also a founding member of ICON Corporate Finance. She connects FinTech companies to FinTechCity’s global network of investors and strategic acquirers.


Fearghus Barkley - Senior Analyst

Fearghus is our invaluable research analyst on The FinTech50, working with us and the panel to identify the final FinTech 50.


Selena Cass - Communications Specialist

Selena is passionate about enabling leaders to bring their vision to life through authentic and impactful communications.  With over twelve years’ experience working for global financial services firm UBS AG, she has been the driving force behind a number of high profile industry campaigns and events aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration between banks and the growing FinTech community.