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Protecting family assets by making personal wills digital and affordable

Dealing with the death of family, friends and other loved ones is one of the hardest parts of life. It can also be an administrative nightmare for those having to handle Probate. £1Trn is expected to pass between generations in the next few years.

Farewill set out to innovate an archaic industry and is the most successful digital, all-in-one financial and legal services platform for dealing with death and after-death services (including probate and wealth transfer). It now writes one in every 10 wills in the UK, currently is writing 10-12,000 wills each month, including 15,000 wills written for free for NHS workers since February.

To date, the firm has raised £265m through pledged legacies created by their free online will for charities, such as Cancer Research UK and Save the Children. Farewill aim to reach £1b by 2023.

Farewill also offers probate services and a simpler cremation service.

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