t: @everledgerio

CEO:  Leanne Kemp     

Founded: 2015

Keywords:   Blockchain, Emerging Technologies, Trust, Provenance, Transparency, Ethical Trade

Total funding: $10.4M

Latest funding: $10.4M Series A, March 2018

Lead investor: GMP Securities / Fidelity Investments

HQ: London

Using emerging technologies to build an ecosystem of trust

First established in tracking diamond provenance, Everledger builds innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters and where transparency is key to ensuring ethical trade. 

Founded by Leanne Kemp in 2015, Everledger uses the best of emerging technology, including blockchain, smart contracts and machine vision to help risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces. Industry sectors now include art, fine wines, gemstones, minerals and luxury goods.

Everledger is making a positive economic, social and environmental impact by harmonising resource demand and sourcing, technological development and institutional change management.