Digital Shadows

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t: @digitalshadows

CEO:  Alastair Paterson

Founders: Alastair Paterson, James Chappell

Founded: 2011

Latest investment: $26M Series C (2017)

Total funding: $48M

Sectors: Cyber Security

HQ:  London, UK

Digital Shadows has come a long way since Accenture Innovation Lab London in 2011, announcing a $14m Series B funding round in February. Its flagship product, SearchLight, is a continuous real-time scan of more than 100 million data sources online and on the deep and dark web — cross referencing customer specific data with the monitored sources to flag up instances where data might have inadvertently been posted online, for instance, or where a data breach or other unwanted disclosure might be occurring. The service also monitors any threat-related chatter about the company, such as potential hackers discussing specific attack vectors.