Digital Shadows

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t: @digitalshadows

CEO:  Alastair Paterson

Founders: Alastair Paterson, James Chappell

Founded: 2011

Latest investment: $26M Series C (2017)

Total funding: $48M

Sectors: Cyber Security

HQ:  London, UK

Digital Shadows has come a long way since Accenture Innovation Lab London in 2011, announcing a $26M Series C funding round in September 2017. Its flagship product, SearchLight, is a continuous real-time scan of more than 100 million data sources online and on the deep and dark web — cross referencing customer specific data with the monitored sources to flag up instances where data might have inadvertently been posted online, for instance, or where a data breach or other unwanted disclosure might be occurring. The service also monitors any threat-related chatter about the company, such as potential hackers discussing specific attack vectors.

In May 2018, Digital Shadows announced its new "Shadow Search" capability, available as part of its flagship, award-winning SearchLight service.Shadow Search enables instant access to Digital Shadows' comprehensive collection of historical and evolving threat intelligence assets, and expert security sources, including leading security blogs and news, enabling SearchLight subscribers the ability to better manage third-party risk, investigate security incidents, monitor trends, and enrich threat hunting of client-specific indicators and threat actors jeopardising their business, brand and reputation.