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Dave Birch: The Renowned Digital Money Expert

A few years ago, many people didn't even have the idea of digital assets. Thanks to some of the pioneers of FinTech, you can now access global payments seamlessly and own cryptocurrencies.

If you had no idea, there is one person that has been one the forefront of leading this cause. It is the legendary Dave Birch. Some know him to be one of the founding fathers of digital money and identity. Interestingly, Dave Birch is still active in the financial technology space.

So, who is Dave Birch, and how do his contributions affect the growth of FinTech, banking, and cryptocurrencies?

Born in 1950, Dave Birch is an author and consultant for some FinTech, blockchain, and governments. Although he studied Physics at the University of Southampton, Dave has grown into one of the most reputable experts in driving development in digital identity and digital money. Dave’s books, including “Identity is the New Money” and “The Currency Cold War,” had gained worldwide acceptance.

If you wonder what else Dave Birch has achieved, here's a quick rundown of his accomplishments.

  • Author of many books, including the widely-recognized cryptocurrency book “Before Babylon, Beyond, Bitcoin.”
  • Director at foremost Identity and Payments company, Consult Hyperion.
  • Technology fellow at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation.
  • Recognized by Financial Brand as one of the top influential voices in digital banking.
  • Wired Magazine named him one of the top 15 sources for business information.

Many top media organizations rate Dave Birch alongside Bill Gates and Elon Musk in terms of global impact. At FinTech 50, we also agree with other organizations like Forbes about Dave's influence in improving payments and the crypto world.