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t: @Cuvva

LI: Cuvva

Founders: James Billingham, Freddy Macnamara (CEO)

Founded: 2014

Latest investment: $M Seed January 201

Keywords:  Insurance, Social benefit, financial inclusion, flexible insurance

Who is it for: those who need flexible insurance to drive a vehicle

Founded: Scotland / HQ:  London, UK

“Clear and fair car insurance for those not covered by traditional insurance.”

Cuvva is building a new kind of insurance that's flexible, simple and jargon-free. The insurance startup sold its first policy in 2016 and since then, the mobile app has sold over one million policies.

The idea came about after co-founder, Freddy Macnamara, couldn't get hourly short-term insurance, so he set out to build a marketplace for flexible insurance. Cuvva connects customers directly with insurers, providing comprehensive cover within minutes, and 24/7 customer support. Pioneering short-term insurance, Cuvva was the first to provide both hourly motor insurance and insurance via an app in the UK. Cuvva has expanded to offer personal car, learners, van, taxi, and travel insurance.

Cuvva offers a social benefit to those who need to suddenly drive a vehicle they are not insured for and have technically smart handling image recognition of driving licences/confirming locations.