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t: @ARYZEofficial

LI: Aryzeofficial

Who is it For: Individuals, businesses

Founders:  Jack Nikogosian (CEO), Morten Nielsen, Carl Jenster

Founded: 2017

Keywords: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Payments, Digital Cash

Last funding: ICO $1.6M

Total funding: $1.6M

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark

“Bridging the gap between conventional money and digital currencies.”

Denmark's ARYZE want to solve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal Number 10 by lowering the global average cost of sending money abroad from 7.2 per cent to 3 per cent.

Their vision is to create a global infrastructure for e-money with prices fixed to its traditional counterparts

Backed by 283 investors from 15 different countries in a private token sale, ARYZE is a team of entrepreneurs, former bankers, marketing specialists and developers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They bridge the gap between conventional money and digital currencies by creating a true digital representation of cash. ARYZE aims to provide payment infrastructure that enables individuals, businesses, and IOT devices to make instant payments globally in a modular ecosystem.

Built on distributed ledger technology, ARYZE features include:

  • Zero transaction fees, and affordable currency exchange services

  • Programmable money transfers, enabled by Smart contracts

  • Digital Cash backed by government risk

  • Enabling global commerce with an extensive financial solution designed for businesses

  • Consumer app with support for crypto and FIAT currencies