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Bringing institutional and digital asset communities closer together

Archax is a global exchange and custody service for digital securities designed offer a bridge between the blockchain world and the existing investment space.

With founders from traditional capital markets and advisors including David Lester, former Chief Strategy Officer of the London Stock Exchange Group, Archax is opening up digital assets to institutions in a transparent manner. In August 2020, the exchange achieved a major milestone in the emerging global digital securities ecosystem by becoming the first ever FCA regulated digital securities exchange and custodian in the UK. Digital issuances from across the world will now be able to trade on an FCA authorised secondary market and institutions will have access to a credible regulated trading venue on which to engage with the digital securities space.

Archax also became a fully compliant VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) - a registration introduced earlier by the FCA as part of the amended Money Laundering Regulations (5MLD) and now mandatory for all cryptoasset firms.

In the current global economic climate, providing new, efficient ways for small and medium sized businesses to access capital is key. Archax say: “Blockchain and tokenisation are innovations that can empower more frictionless and transparent markets. Archax exchange will help to bring the institutional and digital asset communities closer together, and open up a new era for the global financial markets space.”

In late August 2020, Archax partnered with leading blockchain provider Algorand to work on new innovative smart financial products that will trade on its FCA regulated exchange.