Arabesque S-Ray

w: arabesque.com

t: ArabesqueAM

Li: Arabesque

CEO: Andreas Feiner

Founded: 2017

Keywords: ESG investing / sustainability / machine learning / Big Data

Who is it for: Financial institutions / institutional investors / individuals

Total funding: $20M

Latest funding: $20M Series A, Jan 2019 - Allianz X

HQ: Frankfurt, Germany / UK, London

“Assessing the sustainability of the world's largest companies.”

Arabesque is an organisation focused on the reallocation of capital and the democratisation of sustainable investing.

Arabesque was initially founded as an ESG-Quant investment management firm, investing in global equities. The investment strategy was developed by Barclays Bank between 2010-2013 in cooperation with professors from the universities of Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Maastricht and the German Fraunhofer Society.

Following an MBO in 2013, Arabesque was set up as an independent firm, regulated by the FCA and the SEC. The business follow a rules-based approach to stock selection and integrates ESG information with financial and momentum analysis hence favouring companies that consider all stakeholders’ interests. In 2017, they set up Arabesque S-Ray® as an independent sustainability data provider, originating from our proprietary technology. S-Ray is a tool that combines big data and machine learning to enable all stakeholders to assess and examine the corporate DNA of the world’s 7,000 largest corporations so that they may make better decisions for a more sustainable future.