t: @BillonGroup

CEO :  Andrzej Horoszczak

Founder:  Andrzej Horoszczak

Founded: 2012

Sectors: Blockchain

Total Funding: $13.7M 

Latest Funding: $1.16M, Grant, June 2018

Lead Investor:  National Centre for Research & Development

HQ: Warsaw, Poland / UK, London

Eight Polish banks have been in trials since last November with Billon, a Warsaw-headquartered blockchain technology company, which is also an FCA-registered e-money institution. In May, The Polish Credit Office BIK, the largest credit office in Central and Eastern Europe, announced a ground-breaking partnership with Billon to implement a blockchain technology solution to secure access to highly sensitive customer information. The partnership has the potential to to reach more than 24 million people, and provide them with a document management system, cheaper than paper, that is suitable for all their financial, insurance and medical records all in one place.